July 30, 2015

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Kinetiquettes reveal 3D sculpt of Lion-O (work in progress)

Here is the latest update from the Kinetiquettes team, with a look at the 3D sculpt on Lion-O. This is a work in progress and is not the approved final version. This is a 3D rendering, on which the final pose and finished sculpt will be … [Read More...]


Bandai’s augmented reality app that brings ThunderCats toys to life

When Bandai revealed their first ThunderCats figures in 2011, more than a few fans wondered what kind of innovations a modern day line would harness. Although the line was short lived they still released a substantial amount of action … [Read More...]


Mattel’s ThunderCats reveals SDCC 2015

Straight from the horse's mouth at the Mattypallooza panel at SDCC 2015 we're posting reveals of the confirmed Mattel licensed ThunderCats line. Two actual prototypes were shared and are now on display at the Mattycollector booth. Lion-O … [Read More...]


Mezco’s Tygra in full colour – SDCC 2015 coverage

Here he is folks, the Tygra we've been yearning for from Mezco in the mega scale format. Collectors have been eagerly awaiting this, as he will round out the core adult ThunderCat character team. There is no finalized date locked in yet … [Read More...]


Mattel picks up ThunderCats 6 inch figures license

Huge news coming out of SDCC (toynewsi.com) reporting that Mattel has acquired the 6 inch license for ThunderCats and will be showing figures this weekend! They will apparently be based on the classic cartoon look, and both Lion-O and … [Read More...]


Tygra mega scale figure by Mezco – exclusive reveal

We're very excited to share these first pics of the upcoming Tygra prototype for Mezco's mega scale line of action figures. Collectors have been eagerly awaiting this, as he will round out the core adult ThunderCat character team. There is … [Read More...]

Sigiriya Rock Fortress site

The real life Cats Lair in Sri Lanka (Sigiriya)

Did you know there is an ancient man made structure that resembles the Cats Lair? It's called the Sigiriya (Lion Rock) Fortress. (From Wikipedia) Located in the central Matale District near the town of Dambulla in the Central … [Read More...]


Voice actors at play – ThunderCats recording session

Remember those awesome ThunderCats out-takes where the samoflange made its appearance? Well the same Audio Engineer (Larry Franke) who uploaded those a few years ago also recently shared this awesome footage of Earle Hyman, Earl Hammond and … [Read More...]