Voice actor Matthew Mercer has confirmed to fans via his Twitter account that he will provide the voice of Tygra in Cartoon Network’s brand new take on the classic 80’s cartoon. The role had previously been voiced by Peter Newman.

Here’s what Matthew said “I can now talk about the “project”: I’m the voice of Tygra in CN’s new Thundercats! Hoooooo!”

About Matthew Mercer: Beginning his career out of high school doing English walla and additional characters in many Japanese Anime, his work has expanded to a multitude of roles in video games, Cartoon series, and radio commercials. He directed and produced the hit web-series There Will Be Braw, where he provides the voices for Kirby and Metaknight and portrays the role of Ganondorf. Along with actor/writer Jack Conway, Matthew has co-written the screenplay for the upcoming Comedy/Horror film LAN Party Massacre, as well as doing concept design and production work on the project.

You can visit his Twitter page here: twitter.com/matthewmercer and talk about this news on the forum here: New ThunderCats series in 2011