Welcome to ThunderCats Lair 3.0!

On behalf of the team, I am excited to finally unveil the brand new design that all of us on the site have been working so hard to complete. We knew that our previous design was getting a bit outdated, not just by the look, but also by how difficult it was to add new content to the site. For the past five years that ThunderCats Lair has been on the web, we have grown into a full-fledge site, including an online community that continues to keep our beloved ThunderCats alive. And so the team agreed it was time to find an alternate solution and create a way that the team and the fans could benefit from.

What’s ironic is, as we approached the completion of the site redesign, news of the anticipated ThunderCats series and toys started to leak out, which only fueled our motivation to get the site done as quickly as possible.

At that point, we knew it was time to share the new site with all of you.

The majority of the content you’ve enjoyed for the past 5 years have been transferred over to the new design, and we will continue to add content until everything is transferred. But what is even more exciting, is that all the content we haven’t been able to add for the past year will now have a place on our site for everyone to enjoy!

And as we continue to learn more about the new series and toys over the next couple of months, the ThunderCats Lair Team will be here every step of the way to excite fans leading up to the official return of the ThunderCats in both animated and toy form!

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone on the team for all their hard work and dedication that has made the site what it is today. Without the tireless commitment from the team, there would be no ThunderCats Lair. And as I pass the Site Leadership role to my fellow team member Chris, I would like to thank the FANS for keeping ThunderCats alive and for supporting ThunderCats Lair!

We would like to also take this opportunity to thank Adam Tyner for helping us fix some bugs that were driving us a little crazy! And also a big thank you to Kyle Lambert, who took the time out of his super busy schedule to create our fantastic new logo!

We have waited soooo long for ThunderCats to come back into mainstream media, and it looks like our wait is finally over. From being a trending topic on Twitter, to grabbing the attention of major sites like MTV, it looks like ThunderCats was never really gone; it was just waiting for the right time to make the move.

Now that ThunderCats are on the move…ThunderCats are loose! (Yes, that was geeky, yet so awesome!)



– Manny
ThunderCats Lair Site Advisor