ThunderCats Lair has been made aware of what appears to be leaked footage from the ThunderCats CGI movie that was planned by Warner Brothers but which was subsequently abandoned in favour of the animated series that is due to be released this fall.

The ThunderCats movie was first reported by Variety magazine back in 2007, and confirmation of Warner Brothers’ plans to go ahead with the movie came from Larry Kenney, voice actor of Lion-O in the original animated series, when he took part in a ThunderCast interview for this site. The movie was to be directed by Jerry O’Flaherty (Gears of War), and in 2009 Movieline posted up some concept art from the forthcoming film, which, even though the movie was subsequently scrapped, indicates that production had begun on it.

Please note that ThunderCats Lair is not hosting this footage nor making any comment as to whether or not it’s real – but, we felt that this was potentially too interesting not to report upon. At worst, it’s an extremely well-made fan production, at best it’s an insight into what could have been!

Here’s the link to the article on the website Flixist which reveals the footage. A big thank-you to ThunderCats Lair forum member Mumm-Ra for making us aware of this story – you can read the discussion thread about this on our forums here.