Warner Bros logo Our friends over at Warner Bros have sent over an official video showcasing the ThunderCats toys revealed by Bandai at the New York Toy Fair! Amongst the figures officially unveiled are Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra, Snarf, Mumm-Ra (both Ever-Living and mummy forms), and Grune, as well as one of S-S-Slithe’s Reptillian henchmen (originally thought to be S-S-Slithe himself). We also get a good look at the forthcoming vehicles (including the Thundertank), the Tower of Omens playset, the Sword of Omens and Claw Shield roleplay toys, and also the ThunderCats Classics figures of Lion-O and Tygra! We hope you guys enjoy checking out this video, and don’t forget if you want to discuss anything to do with the new figures that have been unveiled, you can sign up and post on our forums