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Our friends over at MTV Geek have been reporting and writing about the new ThunderCats toyline and animated series, which we thought you guys might enjoy checking out!

Their most recent article discusses the 10 Biggest Questions For The New ThunderCats Cartoon, speculating on the forthcoming re-imagining of the series.

Another related article takes a look at how the new ThunderCats character designs shape up compared to the originals: Click here to read it!

MTV Geek also covered the ThunderCats toyline unveils from Bandai at this year’s New York Toy Fair, available to read here!

As if this wasn’t enough, the guys at MTV Geek have also reported and rounded up the news regarding Mezco’s Lion-O figure!

Hope you guys enjoy checking these out, and as and when MTV Geek bring new ThunderCats contents and reveals, you can be sure we’ll bring them to you here at ThunderCats Lair!