Pop Culture Shock Mumm-Ra Statue

Our friends over at MTV Geek have shared an exciting exclusive with ThunderCats fandom, the first official image of Pop Culture Shock‘s new Mumm-Ra statue!

Ever since Pop Culture Shock revealed their Lion-O statue, fans have been eager to see more groundbreaking ThunderCats sculpts from the company, and this first look at Mumm-Ra would seem to carry on where Lion-O left off, with a striking, unique and dramatic sculpt of everyone’s favourite mummified villain!

This Mumm-Ra statue is a stunning 26 inches tall, and would make a great addition to any ThunderCats collection. Thanks to our friends at MTV Geek for letting us know about this – click here to read their article about the Mumm-Ra statue!

At the moment we have no word on when this will become available, but you can be sure as soon as we know, we’ll pass this info on!