On February 25th, the world was given its very first look at the new trailer for the upcoming ThunderCats animated series, when the trailer was broadcast on Cartoon Network!

The trailer has been extremely well received, with millions of fans eagerly awaiting the launch of arguably the hottest new animated series of 2011!

Since the trailer was first broadcast, Cartoon Network have uploaded a hi-resolution version of it to YouTube, complete with an additional 30 seconds of footage – however, unfortunately this is only available to view by fans in the US (and why we’re unable to link to it here, as most of the ThunderCats Lair team are based in Europe!). However, there is a hi-res version currently available to view on Cartoon Network’s Facebook pageclick here to check it out!

The best-quality version of the trailer from when it was broadcast on Cartoon Network is probably this one – as an indication of how much excitement and interest there is in the new ThunderCats animated series, this particular video has had over 585,000 views!


Ever since the new trailer was broadcast, fans have been discussing it at length on our fan forums – the discussion thread about the trailer can be found by clicking here!

Also, our friends at MTV Geek have collated together there own assessment of fan reactions to the new ThunderCats trailer – Fan Reactions To The ThunderCats Trailer.

You can be sure that as and when we have new news to share about the forthcoming ThunderCats animated series, we’ll bring it to you right here at ThunderCats Lair!