ThunderCats 2012 Calendar - image courtesy of Pyramid InternationalIt would appear that a ThunderCats 2012 Calendar is in the works, and is due to be released on August 1st of this year!

A pre-order for this calendar was first made available on, and it now seems that some other online retailers are showing a listing for it too, including Pyramid International, who would appear to be the first to reveal an early look at the cover image pictured here!

The calendar is published by Day Dream publishing.

At this stage we have no idea whether the calendar is going to contain images from the new series or the classic (or indeed a mixture of both), and it’s very likely that the cover image shown here is itself likely to change – nevertheless, as soon as we have any more news, we’ll let you guys know!

A big thanks to ThunderCats Lair forum member Mumm-Ra for giving us a heads-up about this – click here to discuss the calendar on our forums!

UPDATE 28th March: Our friends over at are now reporting that the calendar listed by Pyramid International and the calendar being published by Day Dream publishing and which is available to pre-order from Amazon are in fact two separate products. Further research shows that Pyramid are in fact a UK-based licensee. Pyramid have also recently released several ThunderCats posters.

As always, we will bring you more news as soon as we have it!