Larry Kenney

Our friends over at MTV Geek have also been covering the exciting events of WonderCon and in particular the ThunderCats panel, including this article which includes an interview with legendary voice actor Larry Kenney, who portrayed Lion-O in the original ThunderCats series and returns in this new incarnation to play Lion-O’s father Claudus!

MTV Geek actually have exclusive interviews with each of the ThunderCats panelists from WonderCon, and we’re very pleased and excited to share those with you here too! Please note that unfortunately, at the present time, these videos will only play for users in certain parts of the world, but if and when that changes we’ll update this news post to let you know.

Larry Kenney:

Producer Producer Michael Jelenic:

Art Director Dan Norton:

Producer Ethan Spaulding:

MTV Geek also included a round-up of news from the ThunderCats panel that took place at WonderCon, including the news snippets that voice actor Clancy Brown will be portraying Grune, and that Robin Atkins Downes will be voicing Mumm-Ra. Check out their full coverage in this article!