A while back we revealed that Mezco were planning to release 14″ versions of classic ThunderCats characters, beginning with their portrayal of Lion-O. These figures, created in the style of the original ThunderCats series, make for a great new addition to the world of ThunderCats collectables and the images of Lion-O that have been shown have generated very positive comments from fans!

ThunderCats Lair is proud to be the first website on the Internet to showcase these exclusive new images, sent to us directly by our friends at Mezco, showing their Lion-O figure in various stages of production!

Mezco’s Lion-O figure is available to pre-order now, by following this link! Don’t miss out on your chance to own this great new ThunderCats collectable!

Click on any of the images below to view a larger version, and keep checking back to ThunderCats Lair, your #1 source for ThunderCats news, for more updates as we receive them!

Mezco Project Manager Damien Glonek compares Thundercats test shots. Mezco Sales Coordinator  and Thundercats expert Pierre Kalenzaga checks quality of Lion-O heads. Mezco Director Of Special Projects Mike Drake wonders why none of the Thundercats are made of chocolate.
Mezco Thundercats initial sculpt. Mezco’s Thundercats concept art by Michael “Gorilla” Pasquale Never before seen box art for the Mezco Mega Scale figure.
The initial clay sculpt of the head The initial full body sculpt Addition head sculpts