One of ThunderCats Lair’s forum members was fortunate to attend the packed ThunderCats panel at San Diego Comic Con – the panel included a 1 hour premiere of the new ThunderCats animated series as well as discussion from some of the new show’s creators and voice cast!

ThunderCats Lair forum member Mumm-Ra gave the following report:

“Just getting back in for the night.

I attended the premiere.

Few things:
Didn’t start with opening sequence (red logo with instrumental)

1 hr premiere flew by. I purposely didn’t watch any leaked footage before con.
I had tears of joy! Loved it.

Scoring for the pilot was epic.
Audience reaction was very good”

Mumm-Ra also revealed a couple of spoilers from the premiere, which we won’t repost here but you can view by checking out his post here – don’t worry, the spoilers are hidden for those who don’t want to read them!

Also, for those who were unable to attend SDCC, Cartoon Network have released a couple of clips from the new show, the first place to feature them being Toonzone: Click here to check them out!

You can discuss all the ThunderCats news from SDCC on our forums!