Our friends over at AFX have announced on their Facebook page that they will be a selling an exclusive Mumm-Ra staction (by Icon Heroes) at the Thunder-Con convention, which takes place later this month (the weekend of 24th-25th September)

From the AFX Facebook page:

Our exclusive ThunderCats Mumm-Ra the Ever Living Staction Figure (Retro Colors) from Icon Heroes debuts at the Power-con/Thundercon, September 24-25! This figure is repainted in the style of the 1980s Mumm-Ra Action Figure and will be strictly limited to just 250 pieces, so be sure to stop by our booth #35 to purchase your Mumm-Ra! We will also give away a free Ma-Mutt staction figure with each purchase at the show (same Ma-Mutt we gave away at San Diego Comic-Con International. We will have a very limited number for sale after the show on our website, www.shopafx.com, starting Monday September 26.

So be sure to pick up your toy colours Mumm-Ra at the convention! We are not sure of the price of this staction yet, but will update this post when we get that information! Be sure to check out the Mumm-Ra below and also be sure to go to our forums to discuss this exclusive with other fans here!