According to our official ThunderCats toys and collectibles partner,, Bandai plan to release a new wave of ThunderCats action figures, continuing the 4″, 4″ Deluxe and 6″ Collector lines based off the brand new ThunderCats series (currently being shown on Cartoon Network)

However, a complete change in scale could possibly be happening with the Classics line (based off the 1980’s Rankin-Bass series) According to the new pre-order listings supplied to BBTS direct from Bandai, the new classics figures will be in a 6″ scale! See below for a complete summary of the new additions in this 2nd wave!

4″ Regular:

-Mumm-Ra Transformed
-Lion-O Version 2 – New Gauntlet
-Battle Damage Panthro

4″ Deluxe:


6″ Collector:


6″ Classics:


Brand new items added to the line will also include:

-12″ Armor of Omens Exoskeleton Figure (Worn only by those who have mastered the Sword of Omens, the Armor of Omens is a powerful weapon that can resist deadly attacks. Includes 12″ Exoskeleton Figure and semi-articulated 4″ Figure of Lion-O)

– Thundercats 2011 Stylized Figure 6-Pack – Eye of Thundera – Stylized/”Super Deformed” figures from new and classic show

Bandai have told us that we should see these figures available Spring 2012!

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