Following our earlier coverage of MTV Geek’s reveal of next year’s 6″ ThunderCats collectors’ line, our friends at Bandai have now sent over copies of the promotional photos of these figures for us to share with you, along with more information about the line!
“ThunderCats” fuses sci-fi and sorcery to reignite the thrill of the 1980s hit television series with all the favorite characters as they explore an expanded universe. It’s sure to have kids everywhere once again shouting, “ThunderCats, Hooo!” Lion-O wasn’t ready to be king and he definitely wasn’t ready to be the only cat standing between immortal evil and the total destruction of his world, but fate left him little choice. Only he could lead this quest.

Bandai America Incorporated has launched the iconic ThunderCats toy line back into action with an all-new look! Kids and fans of the original 1980s animated television show will be able to wield the mystic Sword of Omens to become Lion-O, King of the ThunderCats. Join Lion-O as he battles against the evil Mumm-Ra and hollers, “ThunderCats, Hooo!” The line includes action figures, vehicles, play sets and role-play items aligned with the all new “ThunderCats” animated series. For more information on the ThunderCats toy line, please visit

6” Collector Figure (Classic)
Suggested Retail: $14.99 SPRING 2012

Flashing back to the classic 1980s animated “ThunderCats” series, Mumm-Ra and Lion-O are the first two new characters of the ThunderCats 6” classic figure collection!
• Each of these 6” figures come with the character’s iconic weapon and costume.
• Figures are packaged with the classic ThunderCats look.
• Highly detailed and articulated.


6” Collector Figure (New)
Suggested Retail: $14.99 SPRING 2012

Fast forward to the present with the all-new 6” figure collection based on the re-imagined “ThunderCats” series from Warner Bros. Animation
• The Tygra 6” figure comes complete with his bolo-whip and gun weapons.
• Cheetara whips into action with her staff, ready for battle.
• Figures feature high detail and articulation.