A while ago, we gave an exclusive first close-up look at Icon Heroes’ upcoming Cats Lair mini-environment. Icon Heroes have been in touch to let us know that this great-looking piece is now available to pre-order exclusively from Action Figure Express, priced $99.99 – here’s the press release they sent over:

Because every hero needs a place to unwind, Icon Heroes created the museum replica of the Cat’s Lair. Made of heavy weight polyresin, this environment statue measures a massive 7.9” wide x 11” deep x 9.5” tall and weighs approximately 6 pounds. A perfect backdrop for your Thundercats station figures, this environment is detailed with towering archways, mechanical like claws, and blazing red cat eyes. The Cat’s Lair is the pivotal training ground, operations base, and sleeping quarters for the Thundercats. Sold exclusively by Action Figure Xpress and limited to only 600 pieces, this individually numbered collectors piece is a rare find.

“We were so pleased with the success of the Action Figure Xpress San Diego Comic Con exclusive Lion-O and Mumm-Ra. We hoped an iconic piece could be the focal point of the collection,” said Pat Wang, President. “With Icon Heroes’ addition of the Cat’s Lair Environment Statue, this collection brings the entire screen to life.”


Icon Heroes' Cats Lair 1 Icon Heroes' Cats Lair 2
Icon Heroes' Cats Lair 3 Icon Heroes' Cats Lair 4

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