A brand new ThunderCats magazine based off the new cartoon series currently aired on Cartoon Network and Channel 5 (in the UK) is set to hit all good UK newsagents this Thursday (22nd March). It will come with a free Sword of Omens toy and is priced at £2.99.

From: http://lewstringer.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/thundercats-return-in-brand-new-british.html

Published by Panini UK, the 36 page ThunderCats Magazine will be published every four weeks and is based on the new series of ThunderCats animated adventures currently being shown on Channel 5 and Cartoon Network. The original ThunderCats TV series aired in 1987 and fast became a pop-culture phenomenon, spawning a regular comic from Marvel UK along the way. Fans of that comic will no doubt be pleased to see its return.

The new ThunderCats Magazine is aimed at 7 to 12 year old boys (although I’ll bet some girls will enjoy it just as much) and will feature brand new comic strip expanding on the ThunderCats universe along with fact files, puzzles, activities, competitions and puzzle pages.

When the new ThunderCats cartoon show first aired in the UK on Cartoon Network it was viewed 157,000 times, and its screening on Channel 5 on December 18th gained it 197,000 viewers. There’s clearly a potentially large market for this new comic so let’s hope it does well.

ThunderCats Magazine No.1 will be on sale Thursday March 22nd priced £2.99, available at all major retail outlets across the UK. Every issue will carry a gift, with the first one being a Sword of Omens.

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