ThunderCon are kicking off their 2012 guest list with the attendance of Lynne Lipton!


Ms. Lipton is a talented film, stage, screen, and voice actress who worked on the original ThunderCats cartoon series. She brought one of the most popular ThunderCats alive, Cheetara, by providing her voice during the entire series run. In addition to Cheetara, Ms. Lipton also provided the voices for Luna of the Lunatacs, Willa Queen of the Warrior Maidens, Mandora, and Wilykit. More recently Ms. Lipton returned to her roots by once again providing the voice of Cheetara for Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story.

Power-Con/Thunder-Con takes place between 22nd-23rd September 2012 (at the Torrance Marriott South Bay Hotel in Torrance, California)

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