One of the first Mumm-Ra’s ever packaged?

A very cool piece of ThunderCats memorabilia has surfaced which gives us a small window into some of the promotional marketing strategies that LJN used when launching the ThunderCats toy line. A seller on ebay has listed the contents of a package distributed by Promotional Services Inc. (PSi) in Sherman Oaks, California US. This was obviously a promotions company working with LJN who cleverly sent out a packaged Mumm-Ra along with a letter explaining that he is part of a full line up of toys to go along with a large advertising campaign.

These packages were likely sent out to toy stores and sales reps would then follow up to book orders. This makes the Mumm-Ra toy which came in this package one of the first produced. Perhaps our keen collectors can say whether this particular Mumm-Ra has any differences from the rest of the line that followed. Find out in the discussion on this piece in our forums.

Here is the auction on ebay:

Promo_MummRA_3   Promo_MummRA_2Promo_Mumm_Ra