If you’ve never heard of and aren’t already subscribed to cereal:geek magazine then you’ve been living too strongly in the modern world. cereal:geek is the glossy 100 page magazine (with NO ads) dedicated to the many animated cartoons of the eighties! Inside each and every issue are exclusive illustrations and articles focusing on behind the scenes information, trivia, comparisons, interviews with the creators of the shows, articles that cover the familiar themes found throughout the shows that a generation of children grew up with!

Some truly fantastic ThunderCats material has been featured in the magazine including an article on the T-Cat comics written by our very own Legacy Team Member, Chris Davis (he-fan). Some scrumptious original ThunderCats art splash pages grace the pages too. See a sample below. Click on the image to be directed to the cereal:geek webpage where you can pick up back issues and upcoming copies.