open_book_of_omens[1]Greetings ThunderCats fans!

We are interviewing for a key staff position to help extend the website’s effectiveness and reach.

Please note that we’re a fan run site so this is an unpaid position though you’ll be showered with praise and glory by the rest of the team and the site membership.

Website Guru

We’d like to step up our game by bringing a Website Guru on board to help with the technical aspects of the site, and also to improve our social media footprint. We want to better tie our updates together so they are accessible to fans wherever they hang out virtually.

We also want to optimize our search engine results and make sure we’re optimizing our ad placements.
So we’re looking to bring on an experienced Website Guru who ideally knows WordPress, vBulletin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Ad Sense. You also need to be a massive ThunderCats fan but the fact that you’re reading this qualifies you on this count already.

Please apply by e-mailing and attach your CV / resume. If you’re still studying, or your fromal career is not web related, and you don’t have a formal CV / resume please write back with a bio describing your experience and knowledge in a couple of paragraphs.

Site Director