site_coverThunderCats fans have been treated to a massive amount of toys and merchandise, both in the 1980s, and again during the 2011 reboot. Every imaginable item a kid could want had a ThunderCats logo slapped on it. That is, except for video games, a product that has been appallingly neglected by ThunderCats licensees for almost 30 years now. To date there hasn’t been a single major TV platform cartridge or disc created for the T-Cats. They haven’t graced a single arcade cabinet or pinball machine either.

If you lived outside of the UK in the 80s you might not have even realized that a PC game was released for the Commodore 64, Atari ST, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, and the ZX Spectrum. No matter where you lived, there is probably a lot you didn’t know about the game called: “ThunderCats – the Lost Eye of Thundera”. Thanks to an entertaining and diligently researched video by acclaimed youtube reviewer, Larry Bundy Jr. the murky secrets behind the creation of this game have been dragged into the open.

Untitled-4In his video, Larry details how a video game developer called Elite was desperately trying to release a ThunderCats game in time for Christmas. In their scramble they started and abandoned two projects before settling on a third project by taking over the development of a game called “Samurai Dawn” that was designed by a small company called ‘Faster Than Light’. This game was reworked and repackaged, and finished in time to hit store shelves as planned.

This of course left two partially developed ThunderCats games in limbo, and caused a great deal of confusion for the gaming community who at one point had thought there was to be a trilogy of ThunderCats titles – afterall, three projects had been reported in trade magazines. If you think this is where the bizarre story ends, you’re not even close. Watch Larry’s video to get the full story, or at least as full as we’re ever likely to get!