museumI’d like to take this chance to thank Reg at and Peter at Barbarossa Art for their kind donation of a custom Chilla figure to the ThunderCats Museum. Peter is the custom figure designer behind this extremely high quality line of LJN styled ThunderCats figures, and Reg runs the store that is distributing the line.

The ThunderCats Museum is an initiative by to bring rare and beautiful pieces of ThunderCats history and modern creations to fan gatherings. It is a mobile museum based in Toronto Canada and boasts one of the largest collections of ThunderCats art and collectibles in the world.

We’ll be announcing details of the Museum’s collection and appearances, expect to hear a lot more about this exciting step in the evolution of ThunderCats fandom.

To see more pics of Chilla and the rest of the Lunataks, see our previous post here.

To see the order page and price for Chilla go here.