thundercats_lion_and__pumyra_by_rouxx99-d6jgeos[1]It was a great shame when season two of the ThunderCats series was officially cancelled. A terrific storyline was coming together and a lot of anticipation was built up. Sadly, Cartoon Network pulled the plug and fans were left hanging.

And so, fans go about their lives with a lingering chasm in their fan psyche. An immutable craving for more 2011 ThunderCats joy. A deep need for a ThunderCats fix.

And now there is some good news for those fans. is excited to announce that we’re embarking on an ambitious project to bring some truly delectable 2011 content to life for you. We’re even more excited to announce that we have a new Team Member coming on board to illustrate the project.

We’ve already introduced you to Robert Atkins in a recent post when we featured his brilliant ThunderCats artwork. 292325_440756012635768_1657514916_nNow you’re going to be seeing a lot more of his talent because he’s our new Staff Artist on the 2011 special project. We’re being intentionally vague at the moment about what the project is all about, but we’ll be sharing more details very soon.

We’re delighted that Robert was so keen to jump on board, his explosive, dynamic art style is a perfect fit for the site and the project at hand. Check out Robert’s art updates below, and please give him a big welcome!

Deviant Art: