We received these very cool pieces from digital artist, and ThunderCats fan, Rageen Premji. We asked him to talk about about his inspiration for his design, and here is what he had to say:

My version of Panthro came out of an idea I had, to imagine what Thundercats could look like on next generation videogame hardware such as Playstation 4 or Xbox One.

I always thought of Panthro as the engineer and tech wizard of the team, so that became the base for me to build upon. The armour not only reflects his technical abilities but his no nonsense attitude as well, moreover I really wanted to push that idea so that further.

So I decided to ground his design by giving him more human like qualities like hair and earrings and other motifs to show a different side of Thundercats that I have seen done lately.

There are some hidden Thundercats homage’s such as his shoulder claws are the same blue claws that can be seen on the cats lair, his left arm has ‘Robear Engineering’ written on the left shoulder.

That idea came from the awesome reboot series where Panthro loses his arms and needs the help of the Robears to fix him.

You can see more of Rageen’s work on his site here: www.rpremji.com
You can follow him on facebook here: facebook.com/rageen.premji


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