Thundercats_Ho_Wikia_WelcomeWe’re pleased to announce a joint project between the awesome team over at ThunderCats-Ho Wiki and your pals here at

Last year we began work on the 2011 series Encyclopedia and it has started to take shape, thanks to the brilliant illustrations of resident artists, Joe Spicer and Balgus82. We quickly realized what a daunting undertaking this work was.

So we turned to the people who are experts at this, thanks to our Staff Writer and Artist, Wilycub who also works on the ThunderCats Ho Wiki we were introduced to Jeff (Stargate TL1) and MissTique and we started talking about how we could work together on creating a fan resource together.

So stay tuned because it is all hands on deck now for this project and the 2011 ThunderCats series will finally be getting the treatment it deserves, and we can bring more reference pages than ever to fans.

Please welcome Jeff and MissTique aboard!