We’re pleased to share these incredibly cool images of an LJN styled custom by the Toy Collecting Brothers. It’s a Spectral Jaga, the spiritual form that guides Lion-O after his death. It’s a high quality custom created by Troy Parson who is completing his Masters Program in Industrial Design/Toy design. Troy and his brother Jordan are massive ThunderCats fans and together they’ve made a number of T-Cat custom weapons too.

Troy took an 80s LJN Jaga apart to create the recasting from which he produces these Jaga figures, so they’re in the exact proportions as the LJN figures themselves. He uses high quality translucent materials for the figures and see through material for the cape.

The brothers are also planning on releasing a glow in the dark version of Jaga, you can see a cool video on their Instagram page of how it looks.

The Spectral Jaga is available for purchase on their Etsy page and ship from Idaho, US.