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Today we’re featuring professional artist who is also a big ThunderCats fan

Eric has worked on comics, graphic novels, cards, and illustrated the comic book intro to Disney XD’s Mighty Med tv show among other things. He also creates a lot of commissions for fans and pencilled and inked a hugely popular ThunderCats battle scene that has appeared all over the web and inspired mural and boardroom wall impressions too.
Eric says that: “I love detail, dynamic illustrations and good composition. To give you an idea, here are some jobs of note that I’ve been a part of…
  • Penciled and Inked book 10 of Kingstone’s The Christ series (currently in production)
  • Penciled Ossm Comcis, Monomyth series (3 issues)
  • Illustrated the comic book intro to Disney XD’s Mighty Med tv show
  • Background designs for an animated TV show pilot
  • Character and Production designs for a Kickstarter iOS card game: Guild Tactics
  • Sketch Cards for Upper Deck’s Marvel sets; Avengers Age of Ultron, Marvel Legends, Captain America: The First Avenger,  Marvel Premiere and Beginnings sets etc.
    Also worked with Rittenhouse and Cryptozoic Marvel and DC sets.
  • America’s Army PC Game- illustrated many background and game play elements
  • Penciled and Inked 6 volumes of The Hand of the Morningstar Graphic Novel, with Lamp Post Publications and Zondervan

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