Wilycub 2A lot of the beautiful art that you’ve seen on the site here has been provided by a talented megafan of the ThunderCats. We on the team are honored to call him our friend, and you couldn’t hope to meet a nicer guy to work on a project like ThunderCats.org with.

I’m talking of course, about Wilycub, our resident Staff Writer and Artist. Regulars of the site may even have been lucky enough to have their avatar illustrated by Wilycub. If you’re a regular in our forums you’ll have seen the gorgeous custom ThunderCats emoticons that were Wilycub’s creation. He also created many of our social media banners to celebrate holidays and special ThunderCats anniversaries and he’s expanded our Classic Series Encyclopedia with new character paintings.

Wilycub is a professional artist who has worked on book, comics, t-shirts, character design and more. A lot of his fan art has gone viral around the net, and he won the 2014 fan vote “Best ThunderCats piece” for his ‘Lion-O Mania’ illustration (see below).

For all these reasons and more we’re pleased to feature our colleague and friend today as our feature artist. To see more of Wilycub’s work you can bookmark his deviant art gallery here