The much talked-about reboot of the 1985 ThunderCats cartoon is currently available to view on Cartoon Network’s website and app. 

The first review by casts a surprisingly pleasant light on the reboot which can be read here.

Read the synopsis below on both episodes and click on the links to stream the full episodes. Streaming of these episodes however appears to be limited to certain locations. 

Episode 1: EXODUS (Part 1) – stream it here.

After the destruction of their home planet Thundera, the titular ThuncerCats fly off to a new home, only to get shot down by their arch-enemies, the Mutants. The planet, Third Earth, is habitual, but the Mutants follow them to destroy them. Lion-O manages to chase them away and decides to follow them into the wild. The rest of the ThunderCats realize that their ship has destroyed a Berbil village. Luckily, they are quick builders and opt to build them a base, but warn them of Mum-Ra. Lion-O runs into the Mutants, but gets cornered by them. Mum-Ra shows up and blows up the Mutants.

Episode 2: EXODUS (Part 2) – stream it here.

Lion-O discovers Mum-Ra’s treachery as he chains him up and uses a portal to attack the ThunderCats’ new home. He makes short work the team who nevertheless put up a good fight. Lion-O manages to escape thanks to Snarf, but he and the rest of the ThunderCats are captured. The Berbils surround Mum-Ra and say his name (which apparently causes lightning to strike) and the ThunderCats break free. Lion-O destroys Mum-Ra’s staff causing the once massive villain to shrink down to miniature size. He escapes and Lion-O promises to stay with his team and lead them to victory.