The highly anticipated first wave of ThunderCats Ultimates! from Super7 is about to be shipped to collectors worldwide. We’ve spoken with well-known YouTuber and toy reviewer Toy Bro, aka Jared Elswick, about each figure in the line. Yesterday’s post focused on Mumm-Ra. Next up, it’s the mighty Panthro! Check out Toy Bro’s full video review below, plus the third part of our Q&A and some exciting first-look stills. Another day, another video review! How are you doing, Jared? The anticipation has been building since you first teased this “super” box arriving on your front doorstep, and this is your seventh consecutive review of a Super7 product. What’s it like to be one of the first to own these figures?

TB: Doing good—it’s been a very busy week. And, yeah, it’s been pretty exciting to say the least. It still seems crazy that I’m the one that’s showcasing these figures. Something that’s been apparent in your reviews so far are the color scheme differences from their Matty Collector counterparts. What’s your take on these differences and are there any drastic differences in their size?

TB: They really aren’t all that different when it comes to size—I’m not sure that was a factor with these initial figures due to existing tooling. Other little differences I’m fine with. Changes to face paint, other small deco changes, accessory changes, things like that can enhance the figure or make them stand out enough from the original for folks who already have them. I’m glad they aren’t 100% carbon copies because that wouldn’t be nearly as exciting to someone who’s owned them for years already. Scale is very important to collectors who have been asking for more cartoon accurate relative sizes among figures. We’ve seen this addressed with the upcoming Pumyra figure, and the Ever-Living version of Mumm-Ra will be massive. How does the new Panthro compare?

TB: Panthro is very much the same figure we’ve had already. He’s the same height as the Matty figure, so he is, I suppose, a little too tall, considering Lion-O is the taller of the two characters.

Look what I found on new Thundera, Lion-O. One thing fans have pointed out is that Panthro’s trunks are a different, lighter color than the source material. Did you notice this, and does it make a difference to you?

TB: It doesn’t make a huge difference to me on a personal level. In fact I think it breaks up the belt area pretty nicely. That said, it’s definitely a mistake—the prototype had the right color in the promo shots. So, it doesn’t necessarily bother me, but I know it’s an issue. One exciting difference when comparing Panthro’s accessories to their Mattel versions is the reversed colors of the spinning nunchucks. Brian Flynn told us in an earlier interview that Super7’s version will have the colors swapped. What do you think of this change?

TB: I like this one, because really it doesn’t matter all that much in the grand scheme of things. He can swing his nunchucks from either side, so it makes sense. But it’s another good way to differentiate the new from the old. Let’s talk about the plastic on these figures. The first question—will we have another bent ear to worry about with Panthro?

TB: I think we’ll be OK there. Mine seems fine so far and hasn’t given me any reason to worry yet!

Let’s start building the ThunderTank! You’ve mentioned that these figures are the same quality as the William Stout figures when it comes to the plastic and paint application/shading. Do you think ThunderCats fans will be pleased with this Ultimates! line and that major concerns of the past have been addressed?

TB: I think they’ll be happy with them. These feel very much like the Mattel figures and definitely seem to have all the improvements people were asking for back when Super7 started doing the MOTU Classics line. I’ve had zero concerns thus far in that regard. What’s your favorite new accessory included with Panthro and why?

TB: Likely the various tools he comes with, simply because it very much points me in the direction of thinking they’re truly going to give us a ThunderTank. But at the end of the day it’s always all about the nunchucks, new or not. Which head will you be using to display him with?

TB: For this figure, and really all of this wave, honestly, the alternate head. Since I’m going to keep the Matty figures on display, it’s a nice way to change them up to be as different as possible. And of course he’ll go well with Lion-O in a battle scene this way. Would you be up for a ThunderCubs version of Panthro?

TB: A way’s down the road I would, sure. Would make for a nice con exclusive or multipack type of item. Time to test your ThunderCats cartoon knowledge again! We touched on the episode “Spitting Image” yesterday, where Panthro was cloned by Mumm-Ra. Do you remember whose spirit inhabited this Panthro clone?

It’s Panthro vs Panthro!

TB: Hammerhand! Would you like to see a Hammerhand action figure?

TB: Absolutely. It’s the kind of figure that would lean more toward an exclusive of some kind, but I’d be up for that eventually. The Berserkers first appeared early in the show, were assumed to have drowned when their ship went down, and then returned in “ThunderCats Ho!” with a brand new design. Which version would you like to see made into a Super7 action figure? Their original appearance or the second appearance that was mirrored in the LJN toys?

TB: I’d say I lean more toward the LJN toy look myself, but I wouldn’t be opposed to either. I think they’d make for interesting figures considering the odd sizing of most of them, not to mention a character like Ram Bam and his chest wheel.

Is that a Wave 4 announcement in the distance? To wrap up today’s Q&A, Panthro is always associated with the ThunderTank.  While Brian Flynn has teased that this is something that may happen down the line, do you have any expectations or wishes for this beast of a vehicle?

TB: I’m mostly expecting/hoping that it will be able to accommodate more figures in it to really sell the idea of what it did in the show. I want to load it up with figures. Obviously it would be quite large and pricey, but it’s the vehicle for the show. If there’s one to do, this is it. And, again, it’ll give us a reason for Panthro to have these new tools. Thanks again for taking the time to share your love of ThunderCats with us, Jared. We’ll catch up again one last time with you tomorrow to talk about the new Jackalman figure.

Do the Thunder-Dance!

Jared “Toy Bro” Elswick is a longtime toy collector and hobbyist. In 2017 he turned his passion for action figures into a YouTube channel in order to have an outlet for expressing his views on the properties he collects. It has since become a huge part of his daily routine to review, discuss and promote action figures on YouTube and across social media.