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Origin: Thundera
Group: ThunderCats
Strengths: Cheetara is endowed with super speed. She can travel faster than any being on Third Earth. Having been trained as a Cleric by Jaga, Cheetara is a skilled combatant as well as powerful magician.Cheetara also has a very mature way of handling things. She is very grounded emotionally and able to respect and understand the feelings of others.
Weaknesses:  As a child, Cheetara lacked patience. It was her impatience that caused her to fail the initiation test given to her by Jaga the first time.
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Weapons:  Bo Staff
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Cheetara is a female ThunderCat. She is a member of the clerics, who serve as guards and advisers to the Royal Family. Cheetara is one of the youngest clerics.

Cheetara is an orphan who came to Thundera during her childhood, hoping to join the Order of Clerics. While searching for them, she ran into a young Tygra who was immediately smitten with her. Tygra took her to Jaga who gave her an initiation test which she failed. Even though Jaga was impressed with her super speed, he told her that she had no patience, which is why she failed the test. Refusing to accept defeat, Cheetara sat outside the doors of the temple for many days, an act which made Jaga change his mind and accept her as his student. Over the course of a number of years, Cheetara would complete her training and become a full Cleric.

After the fall of Thundera, Cheetara joined Lion-O and Tygra on their quest to locate the Book of Omens. During their journey, Lion-O started developing feelings for Cheetara. This made Tygra very jealous, further fueling the sibling rivalry between him and Lion-O. Eventually Cheetara revealed that she only has feelings for Tygra, a revelation that greatly hurt Lion-O. Cheetara eventually gave up her duties as a Cleric.

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