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Origin: Thundera
Group: ThunderCats
Strengths: Claudus was a highly skilled and fierce warrior. His swordsmanship skills were almost unmatched. He was also physically very strong, able to dispatch almost any opponent in hand to hand combat. He was a skilled military strategist and technician, a skill that he even taught his adopted son Tygra.
Weaknesses: Claudus’ greatness weakness was perhaps his narrow-mindedness. He stuck firm to his beliefs, never entertaining even the slightest thought or possibility of change. His disbelief in the existence of technology and his harsh treatment of the other species, especially Lizards is what eventually led to his downfall.
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Weapons:  Sword of Omens, Gauntlet of Omens
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Claudus was the former king of the once prospering empire of Thundera. He was also the Lord of the ThunderCats and father to Tygra, his adopted son, and Lion-O, his biological son.

An imposing figure with a huge build and fierce red mane, Claudus was a beloved yet very strict king. He ruled with an iron fist, putting the Cats above all the other races, and it was his belief that this strictness and segregation is what maintained peace within his kingdom. He never showed mercy to any other species, deeming it a sign of weakness.

When he was young, Claudus fought alongside Panthro and Grune during war. While Panthro and Grune both vied hard for the position of Head General, Claudus picked Lynx-O, sending Panthro and Grune to search for the Book of Omens instead.

With his kingdom thriving, Claudus’ only real concern was his son Lion-O’s immaturity and lack of seriousness. He always wished that Lion-O would be more like his older brother Tygra, so that he would make a worthy king. Lion-O’s carefree attitude and especially his belief in the existence of technology irked Claudus to no end. Also Lion-O’s clemency towards other species such as the Lizards was something that Claudus strongly objected to.

Claudus was killed when Mumm-Ra, in the guise of Panthro, stabbed him in the back. Grune, who had joined forces with Mumm-Ra, had sneaked Mumm-Ra as well as the entire Lizard army into Thundera.

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