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Origin: Thundera
Group: ThunderCats
Strengths: Panthro is a tough warrior. He is physically imposing and very strong, capable of taking on any adversary in hand to hand combat. Panthro is also a skilled fighter, a master of the martial arts and many forms of combat.
Weaknesses: Despite his bravery and toughened outer appearance, Panthro is plagued by a number of phobias including the fear of water, heights and ghosts.
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Weapons:  Nunchucks

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Panthro is one of the older ThunderCats and a general in Thundera’s army. He is a close friend of Claudus and one of his most trusted and loyalest soldiers. Panthro is a hardened warrior, having been in numerous battles, a fact attested by the numerous scars adorning his body.

Panthro started out as a young soldier in the Thunderian army where he would meet and become friends with Grune and Claudus. He and Grune rose quickly through the ranks, eventually becoming generals in the service of Claudus. They also served as teachers to Lion-O and Tygra.

Claudus sent Panthro and Grune to search for the fabled Book of Omens. The two roamed the furthest corners of Third Earth but instead of the book, they found the evil Mumm-Ra. Grune joined forces with Mumm-Ra, betraying Panthro and throwing him down an abyss.

Panthro however survived the fall and after enduring a grueling journey through the desert and escaping from the enslavement in the City of Dogs, Panthro returns driving the ThunderTank and meets up with Lion-O and the other fleeing ThunderCats.

Panthro encounters Grune one more time at the Elephant Village where he would sacrifice both his arms to ensure that Grune is defeated once and for all. The friendly robotic bears, the Berbils then constructed and fitted Panthro with robotic arm prosthetics.


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