Artist Robert Atkins joins for a special project (WB series)

By |December 24th, 2014|

It was a great shame when season two of the ThunderCats series was officially cancelled. A terrific storyline was coming together and a lot of anticipation was built up. Sadly, Cartoon Network pulled the plug and fans were left hanging.

And so, fans go about their lives with a lingering chasm in their fan psyche. An […]

The 30 year anniversary Level Up Campaign (IMDB)

By |December 20th, 2014|

We’re encouraging ThunderCats fans to join the Level Up Campaign started by forum member Captain Cracker and the team behind “Save ThunderCats”.

At the heart of the campaign is an effort to move the ThunderCats ratings on IMDB (for both shows) from the current 7.9 to an 8.0 rating or higher. We all know these are […]

The LeSean Thomas ThunderCats Project at WB (2006)

By |November 3rd, 2014|

Do you remember in 2006 when news leaked that ThunderCats was under development at Warner Bros? The concept came to be known as the “Rock Band” ThunderCats.

We had a chance to interview LeSean Thomas (Black Dynamite, The Boondocks) about the project. LeSean was the Supervising Character Designer on the project and he’s shared concept art […]

ThunderCats (2011) Blu-Ray set available for pre-order

By |October 26th, 2014|

The full season 1 of the ThunderCats (2011) series in 1080p Blu-Ray has just gone up for pre-orders. There is no mention of any special content or added features but we’ve e-mailed Warner Brothers to get confirmation.

You can go here to pre-order on Amazon using our affiliate link for a 30% discount.

Here is the official […]

Cast and Crew interviews of the 2011 series – section added

By |October 19th, 2014|

We’ve added a section to collect interviews conducted with the cast, crew and creative team behind the 2011 series. So far we’ve posted a set of interviews conducted at San Diego Comic Con 2011 and more will be added to this section over time.

Check them out here.

Concept art for ThunderCats 2011 cartoon (gallery)

By |October 10th, 2014|

Concept Art by Dan Norton (Art Director)
Click on the image to go to our showcase of the brilliant concept art that Dan Norton has posted on his Deviant Art page. We have put them in one place because all too often gems like this don’t survive the creeping years and the rise and fall of […]

Ask Dan Norton Anything – submit questions about 2011 ThunderCats

By |September 20th, 2014|

Dan Norton is the creative instigator who kept pushing for a revival of the ThunderCats franchise at Warner Brothers. He was the Art Director of the 2011 animated series and created or oversaw the creation of the character, vehicle, location designs.

Dan was central to the overarching storyline and the creative choices made for the show. […]

The 2011 ThunderCats Encyclopedia project has launched

By |September 4th, 2014|

Today we’ve taken the first step in an ambitious project to create a comprehensive Encylopedia resource for the 2011 ThunderCats series. The Encyclopedia will be a visual and text based guide to the characters, vehicles and locations that appear in the cartoon.

Each reference page will include an original illustration by one of our Staff Artists. […]

Fan created 2011 cartoon ‘opening credits’

By |August 25th, 2014|

Have you seen this fan created version of an expanded intro sequence to the 2011 ThunderCats series?

Youtuber flamesfan2501 says that he was disappointed that the WB series didn’t have an exciting intro sequence like the classic series so he made his own. In this version he placed a Picture in Picture window showing the classic […]