Two reasons why Mezco is likely doing 6 inch figures

By |February 18th, 2015|

As previously reported here we have high hopes that Mezco Toyz, who holds the licensing rights to do ThunderCats figures in their One:12 Collective scale (roughly 6 inch) will produce a line. At their Toy Fair preview and during our interview they wouldn’t confirm plans for the brand in this scale, but did say that […]

UPDATE: ThunderCats LJN vintage style Lunataks custom action figures

By |February 16th, 2015|

Since our last story ran detailing the high quality LJN style customs being produced in the Lulu Berlu / Barbarossa Art partnership, a number of the figures have been sold, and the ThunderCats Museum has been fortunate enough receive one (Chilla) as a donation.

Now that I’ve had the chance to enjoy one of these in […]

Our Q&A with Mezco – Tygra and beyond

By |February 11th, 2015|

Fans of Mezco’s Mega Scale ThunderCats action figures had long since given up hope of completing the core character line-up, given the conspicuous absence of Tygra, the Thunderian architect. The last character released was Cheetara, back in the summer of 2013, and it was looking like this would be yet another line to meet a […]

Recommended online retailer for vintage toys and retro games

By |January 30th, 2015|

We’re often asked where collectors should go to pick up quality vintage ThunderCats toys, and other 80s collectibles and retro games.

We’d like to introduce you to our friends at who specialize in running very reasonable prices on properly graded figures and retro merchandise. They’re big ThunderCats fans, and proud supporters of the site. Next […]

Video game inspired Panthro model, by Rag

By |January 29th, 2015|

We received these very cool pieces from digital artist, and ThunderCats fan, Rageen Premji. We asked him to talk about about his inspiration for his design, and here is what he had to say:

“My version of Panthro came out of an idea I had, to imagine what Thundercats could look like on next generation videogame […]

Wizz-Ra custom commission for ThunderCats Museum

By |January 28th, 2015|

I’m very pleased to share this work in progress update of a very special commission that Hunter Knight Customs (HKC) is creating for the ThunderCats Museum. Chris Diaz, owner of HKC is a big ThunderCats fan and when I contacted him to tell him about the Museum and our desire to assemble some of the […]

30 year anniversary of ThunderCats

By |January 23rd, 2015|

30 years ago today, ThunderCats roared onto TV for the first time and a hit series and toy line was born. Watch this space for a huge set of updates that we’re releasing to mark this occasion.


UPDATE 2: Peter Lawrence joins for a special ThunderCats project

We’re pleased to announce that legendary ThunderCats writer, Peter […]

Mezco doing more ThunderCats toys in 2015

By |January 14th, 2015|

We’ve confirmed with Mezco that they will be revealing ThunderCats figure(s) at Toy Fair in NYC on February 14th. This is great news for collectors and fans who had assumed that we’d seen the last of licensed toy products years ago when Bandai, Funko and Mezco all stopped releasing new figures.

Our contact at Mezco says […]

Digital renderings by French artist ideealizse

By |January 11th, 2015|

This awesome set of ThunderCats pieces were done by digital artist ideealizse who uses a polygon technique, giving a stained glass feel to these unique portraits. The originals were created by Hector Betancurt whose gallery can be seen here: