July 4, 2015

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Astral Jaga custom by Toy Collecting Brothers

We’re pleased to share these incredibly cool images of an LJN styled custom by the Toy Collecting Brothers. It’s a Spectral Jaga, the spiritual form that guides Lion-O after his death. It’s a high quality custom created by Troy Parson who is completing his Masters Program in Industrial Design/Toy design. Troy and his brother Jordan are massive ThunderCats fans and together they’ve made a number of T-Cat custom weapons too.

Troy took an 80s LJN Jaga apart to create the recasting from which he produces these Jaga figures, so they’re in the exact proportions as the LJN figures themselves. He uses high quality translucent materials for the figures and see through material for the cape.

The brothers are also planning on releasing a glow in the dark version of Jaga, you can see a cool video on their Instagram page of how it looks.

The Spectral Jaga is available for purchase on their Etsy page and ship from Idaho, US.

Mezco doing more ThunderCats toys in 2015

Mezco_2015We’ve confirmed with Mezco that they will be revealing ThunderCats figure(s) at Toy Fair in NYC on February 14th. This is great news for collectors and fans who had assumed that we’d seen the last of licensed toy products years ago when Bandai, Funko and Mezco all stopped releasing new figures.

Our contact at Mezco says that we’ll have to wait till Toy Fair before we learn what scale they’ll be working in.

Speculation is that they’ll continue the mega scale line and fans are hopeful to finally get to add Tygra to their collections. Mezco also moved into the 1:12 scale in 2014 and so there’s a chance we’ll see a collectors line of figures in this coveted size.

Follow the conversation in the site forums here:



Chilla custom figure in LJN style by Barbarossa / Lulu Berlu

Chilla 01_front_pageJust over two months ago we ran a story about the exciting line of custom LJN style figures created in partnership between figure maker Barbarossa and producer Reg, of Lulu Berlu. We’ve received an update from Reg who has sent through these images and let us know that Chilla, the third figure produced so far, is done!

Though most of these are already spoken for, Reg said there are a few remaining available for order now.



LJN Toy Dealer Catalogue gallery (14 images)

3_1_siteGallery of vintage ThunderCats catalogue images for the LJN toyline (14 images).

Like many toy companies, LJN released catalogs for dealers on a yearly basis. LJN’s toy catalogues concentrated mainly on their actual toy lines as opposed to the many video games that LJN produced later on. It is unknown exactly how far into the future LJN kept producing their dealer catalogs – they are known to go back as far as their 1970’s toy lines and it is speculated that they were still being produced into the late 80’s, with 1987 thought to possibly be the last year of the toy catalogs, due to LJN venturing heavily into the video game industry in 1988.

Toy Aisles of the 80s. ThunderCats figures on shelves!

article-2172385-1407846E000005DC-655_306x453Memories of ThunderCats figures at the shops

We’re working on expanding this gallery of vintage photos of T-Cat toys on shelves back in the day. If you have any photos or videos like these please let us know at grizzlor@thundercatslair.org

Mad Bubbler artwork revealed


A notoriously elusive piece of ThunderCats history. A handful of toy collectors swore up and down on forums for years that they had owned a Mad Bubbler as kids. This was impossible of course, because this toy never made it to production. The bubble action was problematic and it was in queue at a time that the line was winding down.

This image of the artwork was provided by our regular contributor David Crichton, author of “Hear the Roar”.



Promotional Mumm-Ra package surfaces

One of the first Mumm-Ra’s ever packaged?

A very cool piece of ThunderCats memorabilia has surfaced which gives us a small window into some of the promotional marketing strategies that LJN used when launching the ThunderCats toy line. A seller on ebay has listed the contents of a package distributed by Promotional Services Inc. (PSi) in Sherman Oaks, California US. This was obviously a promotions company working with LJN who cleverly sent out a packaged Mumm-Ra along with a letter explaining that he is part of a full line up of toys to go along with a large advertising campaign.

These packages were likely sent out to toy stores and sales reps would then follow up to book orders. This makes the Mumm-Ra toy which came in this package one of the first produced. Perhaps our keen collectors can say whether this particular Mumm-Ra has any differences from the rest of the line that followed. Find out in the discussion on this piece in our forums.

Here is the auction on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Thundercats-Extremely-Rare-Promotional-Energizer-MummRa-in-Bubble-on-Card-/301250475644

Promo_MummRA_3   Promo_MummRA_2Promo_Mumm_Ra














ThunderCats LJN vintage style Lunataks custom action figures

73992_159243780782403_6350545_n 580288_384494968257282_974928177_n

It’s been over 20 years since LJN stopped producing ThunderCats toys. Fans’ hopes of seeing a slew of classic style characters produced in action figure form were dashed by the all too soon end of the Bandai and Mezco lines in the 2011 revival.  To this day the closest we’ve come to seeing a licensed Lunatak was the LJN Red Eye prototype that never made its way to production.

While there has been a lack of official ThunderCats characters, inspired ThunderCats fans have always worked hard to fill that vacuum with their own custom creations. As those fans grew older, their skills matured too, and some very talented individuals have wowed the community with their high quality production of custom toys, eye popping artwork and fantastical fiction.

Today we’re highlighting a popular partnership between Customs Artist Barbarossa and Reg, lulu-berlu.com ‘s webmaster that has spawned a number of detailed Masters of the Universe neo-vintage customs, and which has recently developed a brilliant ThunderCats customs line. The first three characters that Barbarossa has created are from the ranks of the ever popular Lunataks:

Alluromaster of deception, mind games and psychological warfare!
Tug-Mug – master of gravity!
Chilla – red hot sensuality and a heart of ice!

We had a chance to correspond recently with Reg and Barbarossa, and here is what they had to say…ad page

What inspired you to create the customs?

Thundercats has always been one of my favorite toy lines.  My inspiration goes back to being a kid and longing for action figures of characters from the cartoon which were never made.  I dreamed of being able to make them myself and now as an adult, I’m in the position to do just that and finally flesh out my childhood collection.  In so doing, I’m affording other collectors the opportunity to do the same as I take a nostalgic trip back to the 80’s with each project.

Why did you choose the Lunataks to start with?

In my opinion, the Lunataks are without a doubt the most sorely absent characters from the original line.  They were obviously on LJN’s radar since we saw Red Eye’s prototype but sadly, he nor any other Lunatak ever hit the shelves.  When I decided to try my hand at “neo-vintage” customs of the Thundercats, there was nowhere to go but the moons of Plun-Darr.

How many figures do you produce and how many have you sold?

The number produced varies between projects but each is made by hand so the numbers are modest.  I also have to be frugal with my time as I tend to have multiple other projects going on at once.  We tend to sell most of them as soon as they are available at Lulu Berlu.

How did you arrive at your pricing?

The pricing is based on the fact that these are indeed hand-crafted art pieces instead of factory-produced products.  Each figure is essentially equivalent to what you’d see in a production prototype or paint master; so everything that goes into a standard production figure goes into one of them.  Thus, it all comes down to costs (which are not inconsiderable especiailly where molding is concerned), plus time, effort and ability.  They are subsequently geared towards the high-end collector.

Final thoughts?

From the dozens if not hundreds of positive comments that I’ve seen, it suggests there would be quite a market if my figures were widely available to the collector’s niche.  I can only imagine how well-received an updated Thundercats line the caliber of a MOTU Classics could be; I know I’d be on board even though my first love is the retro 80’s style.  That being said, should the powers-that-be desire to bring a Retro-Styled Thundercats action figure line roaring to life, I’m ready for to step in to head up Design!  Just flash a Cats’ signal and I’ll be there!


You can find out more about these beautifully made LJN style customs by visiting the detailed product page for each character:

137994_grande 145090_grande




ThunderCats Minimates 2013 SDCC exclusive!

Our friends over at Icon Heroes have sent over details of their ThunderCats Minimates set available at San Diego Comic Convention next month!

ThunderCats Minimates Set of 5 ($22)
As his homeworld crumbled around him, young Prince Lion-O fled Thundera with the noble Jaga. Jaga would sacrifice himself to ensure his ward reached the safety of Third Earth, but little did he know the dangers the boy would face, most notably his old foe Grune the Destroyer and a new threat, Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living. Includes a Ma-Mutt PVC Minimate! Limited edition of 3,000.

The Comic Con exclusive will be sold at the Action Figure Xpress Booth #3345. Comic Con runs from July 17-21.

Icon Heroes

ThunderCats SDCC 2013 Minimates exclusive

Mezco Exclusive Cheetara and Snarf figures 2-pack at SDCC 2013!

Mezco Toyz Reveals 3rd Summer Exclusive: ThunderCats Cheetara and Snarf Mega Deluxe Figure 2 pack

New York- As the world of fandom collectively counts down to the July 18th start of San Diego Comic-Con International 2013, Mezco adds fuel to the flames of excitement by revealing the details of one of their Summer Exclusives: Cheetara and Snarf Deluxe 2 Pack! This mega scale multipack features Cheetara, the Thundarian noble who is as lovely as she is brave and cunning, and Snarf, the much beloved sidekick of the ThunderCats.

This exclusive version of Cheetara features glow in the dark eyes; superbly detailed, with 10 points of articulation, perfectly capturing not only the iconic look of Cheetara as she appeared in the classic television series, but the essence of Cheetara as she proudly wields her signature bo staff in defense of her comrades.

Snarf, the comedic yet fiercely loyal sidekick of the ThunderCats, stands a snarfing 5 inches tall (in scale with the rest of Mezco’s ThunderCats Series) and snarfs a snarfity snarf snarf. Both are packaged together in a collector-friendly window box.

As a special for ThunderCatsLair.Org readers who order before 6/07/2013, use coupon code SNARFSNARF and receive a 10% discount off your Cheetara and Snarf combo!

This Mezco Summer Exclusive is a Limited Edition of 1000 pieces. A limited amount are available online at www.mezcotoyz.com/exclusives/, but don’t delay because once they are gone, they are gone forever!

Be sure to visit Mezco at San Diego Comic Con, at booth 3445.

Not attending? Follow the excitement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:


Mezco Cheetara and Snarf Mezco Cheetara and Snarf Mezco Cheetara and Snarf Mezco Cheetara and Snarf