The Time Capsule & The Fireballs Of Castle Plun-Darr

Catalogue No: WYN1
Year of Release: 1987
Running Time: 45 Minutes Approx.


The Time Capsule

Lion-O discovers that the time capsule containing the history of Thundera is still intact somewhere on Third Earth, and sets off on a quest to find it. Encountering many obstacles in the path of this great prize, the ThunderCats may have set themselves too great a task. . .

The Fireballs of Plun-Darr

Despite a terrible threat to their own safety, our superheroes, the ThunderCats come to the rescue! The wicked and evil Mutants choose the warrior Maiden’s treetop kingdom as a target to test their terrible new machine – the firethrower. Will the ThunderCats be able to escape the ferocious fireballs?



  • From what I can tell, Wynd Up Records was an independant music/film distributer in the eighties and I assume this release was only available from them by mail order? I have no concrete info as I bought my copy off Ebay a few years back… (if anyone has more info on this, we’d love to hear from you!)
  • On the back cover, only one of the four images actually relates to the episodes on this release.
  • Peter Hill designed this cover (as well as most of the other ThunderCats covers too!)
  • According to the BBFC website, the episodes were was rated seperately. “The Time Capsule” was rated on 19/11/1987 and was cut by 2 seconds. “The Fireballs Of Plun-Darr” was rated on 11/11/1987 and passed without any cuts made.