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Cups, Cutlery & Related

Such was the ThunderCats merchandising drive back in the 1980s, even tableware items such as cups, bowls, cutlery and similar were released – many children of the 1980s doubtless remember waking up and watching their favourite cartoon whilst eating cereal from a ThunderCats cereal bowl or drinking orange juice from their best ThunderCats mug!

Below is our ever-expanding list of all of the ThunderCats cups, cutlery and related items that were released in the 1980s! If you have an item in your collection that’s not listed below, we’d love to hear from you!


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Burger King Bank Cup – Tygra
Burger King Bank Cup – Cheetara
Drinking Glasses (Argentina)


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ThunderCats Lunch Box (Metal)
ThunderCats Lunch Box (Plastic)