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ThunderCats - UK Videos - "The Slaves Of Castle Plun-Darr"
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ThunderCats “The Slaves Of Castle Plun-Darr”

Released by:

Hollywood Nites.

Catalogue No:


Release Date:


Running Time:

22 mins approx.

Back of Cover Description:

Make way for a new generation of Superheroes!

The Thundertank is given a trial run as the ThunderCats try to liberate the BRUTEMEN from slavery. The MUTANTS are using them to build the evil Castle Plun-Darr. S-S-Slithe uses “Warp Gas” to turn the otherwise meek BRUTEMEN into raving monsters. Using the Sword of Omens, LION-O sees PANTHRO in trouble. The sword forms an energy field which pushes the Warp Gas back at the MUTANTS, who themselves become meek. The BRUTEMEN are freed and the THUNDERCATS have once again triumphed over evil and tyranny.

Notes of Interest:

-To be a bit nitpicky, I always felt that the synopsis of the episode on this release was a bit too detailed and kinda spoils the episode completely if you were viewing for the first time!

-This episode was also released on another ‘Hollywood Nites’ VHS video that used the same front cover image and included the additional episodes “The Tower of Traps” and “The Garden of Delights”

-Peter Hill designed this cover (as well as the Video Collection covers too!)

-If you count the ‘Exodus’ VHS version, Slaves Of Castle Plun-Darr is the most released episode on UK VHS video being released a total of 4 times!

-According to the BBFC website, this episode was rated on 25/03/1987 as part of the 3 episode release and was passed with no cuts made. This leads me to believe that the 3 episode release came out first……