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ThunderCats - UK Videos - Exodus (Vol.2)
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ThunderCats Exodus

Released by:

Video Collection International.

Catalogue No:


Release Date:


Running Time:

75 mins approx.

Back of Cover Description:

From beyond any known galaxy, bringing with them the laws and ideals of their doomed planet, come the THUNDERCATS. These brave and courageous cat-like humanoids carry with them the powerful Sword of Omens, which contains the mysterious Eye of Thundera -the source of power for all the ThunderCats. But there’s also a treacherous band of hideous mutants from the planet Plundar who want the Sword. Crash landingĀ  on Earth, the THUNDERCATS battle these evil creatures who are aided by the supernatural powers of the deadly and mysterious Mumm-Ra. You’ll experience many incredible adventures in this epic science fiction saga.


Notes of Interest:

-Although it is not stated on the cover, this is Volume 2 in Video Collection’s ThunderCats releases. I’m not at all sure just why it wasn’t given the LR2211 catalogue number (instead of Pumm-Ra/Spitting Image) and then to be the very first release??

-This video contains the ‘Lost Intro’ as well as several missing scenes from the DVD release. However the episodes ‘The Unholy Alliance’, ‘Berbils’ and ‘The Slaves of Castle Plundarr’ are edited down on this VHS compared to the episodic versions on the DVD release! So it’s definately worth owning both!

-According to the BBFC website, this material had a 58 seconds cut made, before it was passed for release with a ‘U’ rating. It was also rated a week before Volume 1 (on 04/07/1986) so again not sure the reason why this wasn’t released as Volume 1?