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ThunderCats - UK Videos - Volume 4 Snarf Takes Up The Challenge/Trouble With Time
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ThunderCats Vol.4 (Snarf Takes Up The Challenge/Trouble With Time

Released by:

Video Collection International.

Catalogue No:


Release Date:


Running Time:

45 mins approx.

Back of Cover Description:

The smallest ThunderCat proves his worth in an exciting adventure where only Snarf can save the superheroes from certain doom. Snarf against the monumental evil of Mumm-Ra. No contest.

Tygra is out in search of Thundrillium to power the mighty Thundertank but stumbles into the mysterious cave of time. He begins to age rapidly, becoming feeble and weak -can Cheetara’s super-speed save him?

Notes of Interest:

-This particular VHS was sold in the 1987 Autumn/Winter Argos catalogue (Argos were not known to reguarly sell VHS videos) However in the catalogue, the cover of the Volume 3 VHS (Mutant ambush cover) was advertised even though it was listed as Volume 4 and Volume 4 was actually supplied to customers. (see ThunderCats at UK retail for more information on this!)

-According to the BBFC website this video was rated on 25/02/1987, with no cuts made.

-This is easily my (Neil) personal favourite VHS ThunderCats video that was released! I rented this out from the video store more times than I can remember!