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ThunderCats - UK Videos - All That Glitters and The Trial Of Strength
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ThunderCats “All That Glitters”/”Lion-O’s Annointing First Day: The Trial Of Strength”

Released by:

Video Collection International.

Catalogue No:


Release Date:


Running Time:

44 mins approx.

Back of Cover Description:

All That Glitters: Mumm-Ra , disguised as a friendly troll, tricks Lion-O into attacking Tygra, bringing on a curse which breaks the Sword of Omens in two. Only one man can forge the sword together again, the “Inflamer”, a ruthless mercenary. His price for this deed, a glittering prize of gold.

Lion-O’s Annointment First Day: The Trial Of Strength: Lion-O has come of age and must undergo a ritual test , one that every Lord of the ThunderCats has had to survive since time began. Lion-O must lay down his Sword of Omens and proceed, weaponless and without help from the other ThunderCats , in the ultimate test of strength.

Notes of Interest:

-Although it is not stated at all on the release or by distributers, this would be the 8th volume in VCI’s ThunderCats releases!

-The “Trial Of Strength” episode is a odd choice to make to release on VHS, as it belongs to a 5-part story (of which non of the other 4 episodes were ever released on home video!)

-This would be the only UK release to credit Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass for directing the show (and with their names in full) on the video’s cover!

-According to the BBFC website, the episodes were rated seperately. “All That Glitters” and “Lion-O’s Annointing First Day: The Trial Of Strength” were both rated on 08/03/1988. Both episodes were passed without any cuts.