Tygra – 2011

Sculpted by Paul Bennett
Produced by Rob Potts


thundercats_intro_0665 Up for pre-oder Sep 8th, 2010
Shipped Apr 4, 2011
Sold out Date not recorded
Quantity 1,000 Regular Edition; 100 Artist Proofs (AP)
Retail Price $199 for Regular Editions, $215 for the AP
Inspiration for the pose Partially inspired by the screencap left, but posed with whip in action


The Hard Hero display at San Diego Comic Con 2010

The Hard Hero display at San Diego Comic Con 2010

Tygra the Architect became the fourth statue in the line and sadly the last that was produced. He made his striking debut at the San Diego Comic Convention in the summer of 2010 and went up on display alongside the unproduced Mumm-Ra and the soon to be shipped Cheetara. There was speculation that Tygra would be a repaint of the Bengali figure, but this was proven as unfounded as the poses are obviously different.
The choice to issue 1,000 regular edition Tygras after the softer Cheetara and Bengali pre-orders hints at a contractualy minimum set with Warner Brothers as part of the license, or a factory minumum production number. Despite the market conditions for the line, nothing stopped Paul Bennett from creating a fabulous rendering of the bolo-whipping noble TCat.

How the group would start to look with the bases pushed together.

How the group would start to look with the bases pushed together.

The challenge of how to bring his mid-air whip to life in 3D was capably met with a shaped hard rubber “rope” that ended in the characteristic three red bolos.

Paul absolutely nailed the design and Tygra’s paint job, it is accurate to the cartoon model in every detail. This statue received rave reviews from fans and it’s difficult to think that the line was cancelled when such a high quality final production piece was wowing fans.Following the plan from prior statues, the base matches that of the other heroes so that collectors can display them closer together as a set. We can start to get a sense of how awesome a full contingent of the heroes were going to look together.

Awaiting input.


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Notes of Interest button Tygra’s pose, especially his arm and hand positions look very similar to Paul’s initial unapproved concept for Lion-O.
Notes of Interest button  Hard Hero’s version of Tygra was the only statue to be produced during the revival up to the time of this writing (Sept 2014). Pop Culture Shock had a prototype ready and took pre-orders but cancelled the line due to lack of buyers. Icon Heroes never developed a Tygra.
Notes of Interest button The rock base used for Tygra was used on the rest of the heroic characters. This was done intentionally so you could push characters bases towards each other and display them together.


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