Cats’ Lair – 2011

Sculpted by unknown
Produced by Patrick Wang


290px-Cats_Lair Up for order Nov 29, 2011
Shipped Date not recorded
Size / format 7.9” wide x 11” deep x 9.5” tall
Quantity 600
Retail Price $99.99
Inspiration for the pose Cartoon accurate from multiple screencaps



Fun promo shot

Fans like to use the statue for their mini mates

In 1986 LJN released the epic Cats’ Lair playset so that the heroic action figures would have a home base. We haven’t seen a Classic playset or environment rendered since the 1980s so this is a very welcome addition to the collectibles options for ThunderCats fans. Standing at about 9 inches (23 cm) high and weighing just over 6 lbs (2.7 kg) it is a nicely sized display piece. It’s not intended to be a toy, and although a lot of collectors like to use it as a set for their mini mates, the chances of scuffing the paint job or damaging the piece are high, so take care if you do this.

On the packaging box side panel you can see that the designer and sculptor of the piece took great care to render a cartoon accurate version of the Cats’ Lair which has totally paid off. It’s instantly recognizable as the imposing, mostly impenetrable fortress and home of the heroic cats. Fans of the vintage series will really enjoy this piece.

The reviews of the statue, inluding the one below by Pixel Dan comment enthusiastically about the piece in general, but also about how pictures don’t do the statue justice, and how impressive it looks in person.

The statue was sold exclusively through Action Figure Xpress and can still be picked up at specialty toy stores.


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Notes of Interest button This version of the Cats’ Lair is accurate to the cartoon rendering, while the LJN toy playset was REALLY not.
Notes of Interest button This was the first environment sculpt that Hard Heroes produced, they have since gone on to to a brilliant Castle Greyskull and Snake Mountain under their Masters of the Universe license.
Notes of Interest button This statue was produced before the Mini Mates line began and was originally intended to be used as a backdrop for the staction characters.


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