Jaga – Cancelled

Sculpted by unknown
Produced by Patrick Wang


normal_cap007 Up for order Feb 2011 – Cancelled
Shipped Planned for Q3 2011 – Cancelled
Size / format  6 inch PVC
Quantity Cancelled
Retail Price $29.99
Inspiration for the pose Cartoon accurate from multiple screencaps




Studio shot of Jaga prototype

Both Jaga and Jackalman were listed for sale on Feb 2, 2011 and went up on the shopafx.com website for pre-orders. They were expected to be shipped in Q3 of 2011, but were sadly cancelled. The figures were 6 inches tall which would allow you to display them amongst your action figure collectibles. At $29.99 these were amongst the most affordable of the 2011 series figures.

This was the only Classic style Jaga that we saw a prototype for, none of the other companies produced a Classic Jaga figure toy or statue. He was made to be cartoon accurate, in the words from the listing: “With a cartoon accurate sculpt, Jaga pops right out of the animation cell into your collection!” Jaga would have had two heads included in the package, one with his helmet and one without.

It is a shame that Icon Heroes cancelled this, and the Jackalman figure, as they were really hitting their stride with the quality and detail that you can see in these pictures of the prototype.




Awaiting input.

Awaiting input.
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Notes of Interest button Jaga was to be the third in the series of mini statues done in polyresin. The polyresin statue line was cancelled in favour of the lower priced PVC line.
Notes of Interest button The first version of Jaga (the cancelled polyresin statue prototype) was to come with a young Lion-O companion.
Notes of Interest button This would have been the first Icon Heroes staction to come with interchangeable heads.
Notes of Interest button Icon Heroes polled fans to see whether they preferred a 6 inch or 8 inch line and fans overwhelmingly voted for 6 inch.
Notes of Interest button It would have been very interesting to see whether Icon Heroes would have created a transclucent form Jaga as an exclusive.


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