Lion-O Polyresin Statue

Sculpted by unknown
Produced by Patrick Wang


lmb6m4m Up for order Jun 13, 2010 SDCC; Aug 5, 2010 Regular
Shipped Not recorded
Size / format 6 inch Polyresin Statue
Quantity 500 SDCC; 1,500 regular
Retail Price $59.99
Inspiration Cartoon accurate from multiple screencaps



7225544_origIn June 2010, Icon Heroes revealed that Lion-O would be the first mini-statue to be released and that an exclusive version would be released at the San Diego Comic Convention that same year. The convention exclusive had small version of the Sword of Omens witha sand-themed base, while the regular edition mini-statue had the extended version of the Sword of Omens and a forest-themed base.

The SDCC mini-statue was limited to 500, and was sold exclusively through the Action Figure Xpress online store and convention booth. An exclusive ThunderCats magnet was also given out with each statue sold at the convention. The regular edition was sold through multiple on-line retailers and 1,500 were produced.

Lion-O was the only character to be produced in Polyresin. The Jaga and Jackalman sculpts shown at SDCC 2010 were intended to be included in the Polyresin line but that plan was changed in favour of a more affordable PVC format.

Online magazine Collider named the SDCC version of the statue among the top 10 convention exclusives.



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Notes of Interest button Lion-O was the first ever item produced by Icon Heroes, who have gone on to produce successful lines for Masters of the Universe and Star Trek.
Notes of Interest button Lion-O was re-sculpted for a diorama style package inclusion with the ThunderClaw prototype.
Notes of Interest button This was the first ever ThunderCats collectible to include the retracted version of the Sword of Omens.


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