Ma-Mutt PVC Staction

Sculpted by unknown
Produced by Patrick Wang


normal_cap010 Up for order Jul 21, 2011 as a companion to Mumm-Ra
Shipped Exclusive companion with convention Mumm-Ras
Size / format 3.5 inch PVC Staction
Quantity 750
Retail Price No price, free companion
Inspiration Various screencaps from the cartoon



261370_10150224799465678_3160044_nMa-Mutt was announced in June 2011 as the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive.  With every purchase of a Mumm-Ra staction at SDCC, ThunderCon and NYCC, attendees received a free Ma-Mutt staction. Ma-Mutt was never sold individually, such is the life of a companion hound.

Icon Heroes worked hard to produce this cartoon accurate rendering of Ma-Mutt, and as this was the only produced Ma-Mutt since the 1980s LJN toy line it is the only cartoon accurate collectible ever made of the cadaverous canine.



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