Mumm-Ra PVC Staction

Sculpted by unknown
Produced by Patrick Wang

NYCC_MummRa_icon MummRa_icon

mumm-ra_screencap Up for order Jul 21, 2011 regular; Sep 24, 2011 NYCC version
Shipped Aug 2011
Size / format 8 inch PVC Staction
Quantity 1,500 regular; 500 SDCC; 250 NYCC version
Retail Price $49.99 regular; $44.99 NYCC version
Inspiration This screencap.



DSC_0098The intimidating 8 inch Mumm-Ra with a larger than life pose towers over the 6 inch Icon Heroes Lion-O. The cartoon accurate sculpted nemesis sold at three major conventions with an exclusive Ma-Mutt companion staction. An alternative paint  “Retro Colors” Mumm-Ra was sold at the 2011 ThunderCon and 2011 New York Comic Con. While this staction uses the same exact sculpt as the regular version Mumm-Ra staction, the custom paint job pays homage to the vintage Mumm-Ra action figure from the 1980s LJN ThunderCats toy line.

Some of the differences include a larger emblem on the staction figure’s chest, a greenish-gray body color, and a red/black color scheme for the bandages, head dress, and skirt. The “Retro Colors” Mumm-Ra was packaged in the same gatefold box as the regular version Mumm-Ra staction figure.

The Mumm-Ra PVC staction was created to be the fourth character in the Icon Heroes ThunderCats statue collection, and the third to be announced for the PVC line.  However, due to the cancellation of Jaga and Jackalman he was the second and last character to be produced by Icon Heroes.

Mumm-Ra was packaged in a black box with his double serpent emblem and used a gatefold to incorporate his sarcophagus room as a diorama display.


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Notes of Interest button Mumm-Ra was the killer of all three statue company’s lines. Hard Hero’s version didn’t progress past prototype.
Notes of Interest button Mumm-Ra was the tallest of the staction line, made on purpose to be in scale with the cartoon.
Notes of Interest button The Pop Culture Shock Mumm-Ra pose was the same or incredibly similar to this one chosen by Icon Heroes.


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