ThunderClaw – Cancelled

Sculpted by unknown
Produced by Patrick Wang


normal_cap046 Up for order Cancelled
Shipped Cancelled
Size / format 15″ long X 9″ wide X 5″ high.
Quantity Cancelled
Retail Price Not published – would have included a Lion-O statue
Inspiration Cartoon accurate from multiple screencaps




Photo by Toyark.com at San Diego Comic Con 2010

In the early stages of the Icon Heroes line they were focused on a Polyresin statue line of 6 inch figures. The ThunderClaw was shown at SDCC 2010 alongside the prototype for Jackalman and Jaga (both Polyresin). A prototype Lion-O was sculpted to be included as a diorama style display piece. The Lion-O is similar to the standing Lion-O statue, but is a new sculpt in a custom pose to go with the vehicle.

This prototype never made it to production. The Polyresin line was dropped in favour of the more affordable PVC Stactions. Icon Heroes said that they would save the deluxe higher end Polyresin figures for diorama style collectibles but they never revisited this idea and shelved the ThunderClaw.

As nice as this piece looked, the ThunderClaw is only an occassional secondary vehicle from the cartoon and wasn’t nearly as iconic as the ThunderTank which the did produce (though in much smaller scale).




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Notes of Interest button You can see from the pictures below that Icon Heroes took great care to be cartoon accurate with their Polyresin sculpts, even the underside of the ThunderClaw was has loving attention to detail.
Notes of Interest button Patrick Wang, VP Sales, said that the Lion-O pictured was going to be tweaked to sit more comfortably in the vehicle.
Notes of Interest button Icon Heroes’ license agreement didn’t allow for articulation in their stactions so Lion-O and any other figures that would have been produced for use with vehicles would have to be posed in place for riding.
Notes of Interest button Although the Jaga and Jackalman prototypes created for the Polyresin line were able to be re-used for promotional pictures when the characters were listed for sale on-line, the ThunderClaw and accompanying Lion-O were never seen again.


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